Focus on Equitable Recovery

Virginia's upcoming Special Session will focus on how to spend the extra federal dollars coming to Virginia to assist with rescue and recovery of the economy. VICPP believes that Virginia should focus first on those most hurt by the pandemic and provide them needed support for both the short-term and helping with the long-term. To create an equitable recovery, Virginia should focus on:

  • Affordable housing: Protecting tenants from evictions and building more affordable housing. 
  • Food: Virginia should use these funds to strengthen the food bank networks' infrastructure.  
  • Unemployment: Virginia's unemployment "system" has failed many families who sought unemployment. Virginia should compensate the 70,000 people left hanging without a decision on their unemployment and fix the broken unemployment system. Many of these unemployment improvements have been sought for more than a decade. 
  • Broadband: The pandemic showed us how important broadband is for everyone. We must ensure that low-income families have access. 
  • We also support a modest amount for outreach to families whose incomes are so low that they do not file taxes, in order to assist them in filing for the child tax credit. This child tax credit is expected to reduce child poverty by $5 million nationwide. 

Please send an email to your legislators supporting these priorities by filling out the form below. Thank you. 


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