Make Paid Sick Days a Priority

In the 2020 General Assembly, the House of Delegates passed a Paid Sick Day standard, but the bill failed in the Senate.  In the 2021 General Assembly, we would like to pass this standard through both the House and Senate.  

In a recent poll released by VICPP and Freedom Virginia, more than 83 percent of Virginians, including both Democrats (96 percent) and Republicans (72 percent), support the creation of a Paid Sick Day standard in Virginia.  To pass this, we need the support of your Senator.

Please send a letter to your Senator urging the Senator to make passing a Paid Sick Day standard a priority for the 2021 General Assembly.

Please note: we do NOT share your personal information. This information is for our records only.
(Because Virginia is so gerrymandered, we need your home/voting address to determine whose districts you are in.)