Protect Immigrants in Detention!

Social distancing has been a necessity in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. But there are some places individuals simply cannot socially distance- and one of those places is prison/detention facilities. Although advocates have been calling on the administration to inspect ICE facilities in the Commonwealth since March, little action has been taken.  As a member of the Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights (VACIR), The Virginia Interfaith Center has been pushing the administration to ask the Virginia Department of Health to perform an inspection on detention facilities to determine whether proper health standards exist. Just last week it was reported that nearly 90% of all detainees at the Farmville Detention facility tested positive for COVID-19. It is clear that action is needed. Please sign our petition to demand that the Virginia Department of Health take immediate action!

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(Because Virginia is so gerrymandered, we need your home/voting address to determine whose districts you are in.)